The mysterious book.

This story is a real dream just jotted down on Page. I saw this dream in the night of 27 April 2020.

In my dream I was recruited as a home keeper and from where the story begins.

On sunday morning I was cleaning a shelf it was little bit dusty. While I was cleaning the shelf there were some books that needed dusting to be done. I started cleaning the books with a cloth and started keeping them on a side. While doing so I touch the book which was wrapped in a cloth and it seemed that the book was never opened. I cleaned the book after removing the clothe in which it was wrapped. The cover of book was very attractive just looked like a mysterious book it was of silver colour and had Rectangular designs.

The heading of book was “the mysteries of life”. Looking at the book I felt that it must be read and why it seemed that It was never touched?

This question was again and again troubling me that why the book is like this.

While thinking this thing , the book was in my hand only and it suddenly took my mind to a scene where the owner of house was sitting near Swimming pool on a long chair and his wife was also sitting nearby. He was holding this same book in his hand and was going to start the reading. before opening the book He started talking to his wife as she was complaining that he do not give proper time to his Daughter and wife. He felt annoyed at this thing and the talk got converted into debate. both Husband And wife started giving arguments in the meantime their daughter who was just four years old wearing a pink skirt and a hairband with bowtie just came  there. As the Parents were busy and they could not pay attention to the girl she simply entered the swimming pool and went inside nobody cared about her. As it was the time of evening the darkness was increasing and the sinking of girl was unnoticed. After the ending of debate both husband and wife were looking after the girl but could not find her. Suddenly The father of the girl went towards the swimming pool where he found the clip with bowtie Floating on the water and later he found the dead body of His daughter. From then the book was never opened and the chapter of careless behaviour of the father was also closed.

Suddenly the book fell from my hand and I woke up.

Published by Ankush Sharma

I am M.Sc (chemistry ) from Punjabi University Patiala. I am a science teacher with expertise in chemistry, with 8 years of experience in teaching. Writing and blogging is my hobby, I write whenever I am free. I am constantly working on creating a new and easy way of learning the tough things in an effective way. I am constantly working to make authentic and reliable information to be shared with my students and widen the horizons of knowledge.

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