In our daily life we come across different kind of particles, some look alike and some we know by common names. tody we are going to arrange almost all the particles around us.

Elements :- it is the purest form of matter which has only one kind of atoms.

There are 118 elements known till today.

For example :- Iron, Copper, Hydrogen, Helium and Chlorine etc

Compounds :- this is also a pure state of matter which is made up of only one kind of particles.

A compound is formed by the joining of two or more elements in a fixed ratio by mass. The formula of a compound or the ratio of elements forming a compound never changes.

For example :- water (H2O) , common salt sodium chloride (NaCl) and glucose (C6H12O6) .

Mixture :-  These are formed by simply adding any two or more substances in any ratio.

For example :- milk is a mixture. Salt dissolved in water is also a mixture.

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