His phone is off…..

We used to walk,

And long talks,

While eating,

Or while having a drink.

Whenever he asked any work,

I used to wink.

My mother’s father,

Was a nice friend of mine.

We used to spend

Great time.

We watched movies together,

Long discussions about the actors.

But long ago he passed,

His phone is switched off.

Sometimes i wish to talk,

But the phones don’t work.

May be this is the reality

All those who left us

Create such a vacuum

That no one can fill….

Published by Ankush Sharma

I am M.Sc (chemistry ) from Punjabi University Patiala. I am a science teacher with expertise in chemistry, with 8 years of experience in teaching. Writing and blogging is my hobby, I write whenever I am free. I am constantly working on creating a new and easy way of learning the tough things in an effective way. I am constantly working to make authentic and reliable information to be shared with my students and widen the horizons of knowledge.

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