Hello guys today I am going to tell you that how got rid of my old phone.

3 years ago I brought an iPhone, as I used the phone to a large extent , now the battery 🔋 backup of phone was going down day by day.

Finally i thought to buy a new phone so I asked my friends that I wanna sell it.

But just like filmy scenes the phone fell from my hand one day and its touch screen was damaged. Then I thought of sending it without repairing but my friends told that is not possible to sell it without repairing, so I have to spend some money for repairing the phone first.

Even after repairing the phone there was not even a single customer who can buy the phone. and finally I thought it can’t be sold.

Meanwhile a friend of mine who had a tyre shop told me that your car tires needs to be replaced I asked him sell my phone and I will give you some more money and we will change the tyres.

Now to sell my phone was not only my tension, it was his tension also. He had a lot of links and he sold the phone within days.

Then he told me that your phone is sold and when you are coming to change the tyres?

This way without taking much tension we managed to sell my phone and get the tyres .


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