what are the acids and bases How we can differentiate the acid and base.

Acid base and salts

Acids:-  these are the substances that

  1. Are sour in taste.
  2. Turn blue litmus red.
  3. Give H+ ions.
  4. Can accept a pair of electrons.

Base :- These are the substances that

  1. Are bitter in taste.
  2. Turn red litmus blue.
  3. Soapy in touch.
  4. Give OH ions.

How to recognise the acid and bases?

To answer this question lets remind  an activity:

What happens when we dip a cloth with curry stains in soap solution?

It turns RED

If we see chemical aspect of this, the curry had turmeric in it that turned red on reacting with soap solution(a base) . so from this observation we can easily conclude that the turmeric turns its colour from yellow to red on reacting with base.

So finally we come to know that there are certain substances that change their properties on reacting with acid or base.

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