How is HCl, an extremely potent acid, formed in our stomach and how does it not react with our organs?

This is true that a strong acid HCl is formed in our stomach , but it does not harm the internal tissues or organs.

The acid is formed for two major reasons.

  1. To carry out the digestion especially the enzyme pepsin requires acidic medium for the proper functioning .
  2. The acid acts as a first safety wall against the viruses and bacteria that enters in body by mouth or food. They are automatically killed by the acid present in stomach.

If it is secreted in a controlled manner and body of an individual is healthy it does not cause any harm.

But if we take too much spicy any fried , more acid is produced that cause burning sensation.

The internal lining of stomach is covered with a thick liquid , the mucus. It acts like a barrier between the inner lining of stomach and the acid . it doesn’t let the acid to react with the body tissues. but due to any reason if the layer of mucus is eroded, it will cause burning. The mucosal line protects the inner organs.

The diagram given below can easily show how it works.

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