How we can distinguish between hexagonal and monoclinic unit cells ?

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In case of Hexagonal unit cell we have two sides equal , and two angles equal to 90 degrees(right angles) but the third angle is of 120 degrees.

a = b ≠ c, and similarly α = β = 90 ̊, ɣ = 120 ̊

But in case of monoclinic unit cell we have unequal sides but the two right angles are present.

a ≠ b ≠ c ,  α = ɣ = 90 ̊ and ɣ ≠ 90

In case of hexagonal the third angle was fixed to 120 ̊ only but in monoclinic it is not fixed, it can be any but not 90 ̊ .


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