Emotions jotted down


A story of grief

a friend of mine, went on journey divine. gave no time, to say hi or good bye, hard on heart, to let him depart, yes he is apart, but struck like dart. we all can just say, for you we will pray. the cups we shared, the tips we paid. the moments we shared, all

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The tree on the road, Was green before the autumn 🍂. And leaves were bright green, It slowly changed to rusty, And from rusty to the yellow. The veins carried food and water, Are now just hollow. The crops turn golden , And grains are dry. Time can’t stop, Even if you try. Aging is

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The Contentment

Let the final goal be, the contentment. I agree the path is luring, The race is never ending. The possibility of getting better, And the feeling of completion is pending. One may succeed, no doubt, Just watch before spending. You may get the whole world in your packet, Technologies change, Like the speed of rocket.

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Name stands on the sands

For how much time ? The name on sand Will keep on stand . How the name A name so small Will be grand . Will keep on stand A fort of trust Without any lust Will be a brand Will keep on stand The name is still on stand May be erased Just by

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Its never too late

We can if we wish, Returning is never so tough, It’s not mandatory, But it’s a choice, You can say openly, Who suppress your voice, And decision you make, Are not of iron, or steel, You can break them whenever you feel, And life is not a movie, Where you can rewind the reel, The

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I am a fan….

Of what I see ??? May be yes What I see. I am a fan of Nature at its best When on a full moon night All spirits rest. I am a fan of Music , music at its peak When a low lightning street Create an atmos full of freak I am a fan

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Stuck at right ✅ or wrong

You are right The time is right May be something Is not right The way I am It would be wrong The clouds may appear They may hide the reality But not for a long Either right or wrong It will in limelight I have to fight Against my own self To change Change by

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An Unknown Statement

Leave me, I do not mean at all. I wish you look at the expressions Requesting not to leave. Try to listen the noise, Which screams louder Louder than the silence. Try to look behind Behind every smile Drop by drop my heart is Sinking. Feel the heaviness Heaviness of my breath As I ,

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Finally i got it

A bike i wished to have, Son of a store owner later bought that, I went somewhere else to study, My classfellow in front of me bought that, Later in my job , a colleague’s bro gifted him the same bike i wisheshed… The whole piece ort is based on real story of my life.

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The world of words

The world interact in words, Either lonely or in herds. Everything is hidden in the words. Michael to Michelle, Ria to Raj, Ivanovich to Sytzeff, From kind to bluff, Good or bad stuff, From sparrow to thunder-birds Everything is hidden in words. You know when we talk Its the words that only walk. You and

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Radio of my heart

Yes right Radio of my heart, It is so simple , so lazy Not at all smart. Yes right the radio of my heart, It is not automatic It is a kick start . Yes right The radio of my heart, It simply catch frequency And doesn’t follow chart. Yes right The radio of my

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wisdom Vs knowledge

(try to sing along reading…..) yes you listened right, it is a never ending fight, weather brain, or mind. to make tall sky scrappers or just a hut to plan every thing or just move in the night. be host or be the guest keep wandering, or take a rest. to look bright or shine

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try to listen, when no one speak. try to listen , when you have the power. try to listen , when everyone is the audience. try to listen , when feeble cry. try to listen , when throats are dry. try to listen , when air is dry. try to listen , when nature cry.

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The failure

yes we failed, tried our best. every scheme, every tect . but still we failed, from a long battle with time and mind. to sing a song, to do a ding – dong. but we failed. the night was dark, there was enough spark. the breeze was so cool, we wished to do a rock.

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I have seen the hope, In the eyes of Parents, For the betterment of the kids. In the eyes of peasents , While sowing the seeds. In the eyes of labourers, While doing hard tasks. In the eyes of singer, While performing on stage. In the eyes of a mother, while luring her child. In

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The hidden view

In the centre of city on the edge of bridge, there is a life full of hustle and bustle, it has a great culture close to the nature, i got some clicks some lively picks, A player smiled In a huge crowd, Or a singer sang In a voice very loud, A nation was so

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The time doesn’t wait.

Yes we say , we say . Wait for me, hey , hey , hey. We know it hurts, Its hard to say , yeah Oh yeah… You know its hard say Oh hey, Just stay , just stay, On the way Its hard to say Just stay By the way On the way Oh

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Strange city

One night I was lost,In the city, not bad.I looked up on strange people,They seem to be glad. I was alone,But not sad.Stars were my friends,With Moon, on chat. Moving on my way,There was nothing to say.Cool breeze was blowing,Taking my soul away. I wish to stay in city,But no place was for me.In a

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Perceiving Vs Knowing

I was just passing by a flower, a flower, beauty’s shower. Closer I went , felt its scent , my mind did a reaction , it asked for dissection, as soon as the petals separated, beauty of it was assassinated, what we got was just the heaven, what we made was a hell, there were

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The incomplete partition

Yes we are apart, yes we stay , a way , away , yes we are separated, yes the wires are between us, yes the boundaries are there, yes we just watch from distance, yes we wanna unite, yes we wanna meet , yes we wanna share , yes we wanna sing , yes we

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