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Why the solids are rigid?

The solids have strong interparticulate forces which bind the particles so close that they can only oscillate about their mean position only.

Why Formaldehyde is more reactive then other aldehydes? justify .

The reactivity of Aldehydes depend upon two factors . 1 Steric effect :- The reactivity of aldehyde depends upon the fact that the nucleophile will attack on the Carbon atom of the carbonyl group. If it is less crowded the nucleophile can easily approach it and can easily react. So lesser is the hinderance more…

why do aldehydes and ketones undergo nucleophillic addition reaction ?

in case of aldehydes and ketones there is a carbonyl group present in the molecule as shown below :- The oxygen is more electrongative than the carbon , due this the polarity develops in the C=O bond. The carbon becomes partially positive and the oxygen becomes partially negative . This decreases the electron density on…

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