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Quick and easy way to learn the organic nomenclature (with video).

Most of the students find it difficult to learn and apply the knowledge related to the organic nomenclature. Here in this post you simply need to memorise the following table and after that there are a few steps related to that.

How the direct hydration of alkene is done ?

The direct hydration of alkene leads to the formation of alcohols. The reaction takes place according to the markovnikov’s rules for addition reaction. For example we can make 2-methyl propan-2-ol (tertiary – butyl alcohol) from 2- methyl propene (Isobutylene) as shown in the above reaction.

How alkene reacts with hypohalus acid (HOX) ?

It is a type of addition reaction in which the hydroxyl and halogen groups are introduced in alkene molecule . The alkenes react with freshly prepared solution of hypohalus acid. The acid is formed by the reaction of dihalogen with water. The hypohalus acid gives Halohydrin on reacting with alkene.

How the addition of hydrogen halide takes place in case of unsymmetrical alkenes ?

In case of unsymmetrical alkenes the addition of hydrogen halide takes place according to the markovnikov’s rule . During this reaction under markovnikov’s rule the positive part of the attacking reagent joins with the carbon with more number of Hydrogen and the negative part of attacking reagent joins with the more substituted carbon.

How we can prepare dibromoethane from ethene ?

We can make the dibromoethane from ethene by the addition of halogen in ethene , in the presence of carbon tetrachloride. In the presence of ether as a solvent the above reaction takes place. The dihalo products are formed in which the halogen groups are present on adjacent carbon atoms.

Why the alkenes give electrophillic addition reactions ?

Alkenes give electrophillic addition reactions because of the following reasons:- 1. The pie electrons of the double bond attract electrophiles . 2. The electron density is more on the C-C double bond , so the electrophiles preferably attack on it as compared to the electrophiles which are repelled.

How we can prepare alkene from alkyl halides ?

We can obtain the alkenes from alkyl halides by the Dehydrohalogenation. In this kind of reaction the halogen and hydrogen from adjacent carbon are removed to make a double bond in the presence of alcohlic KOH . The reaction is shown below.

What is cracking or pyrolysis of alkanes ?

It is a kind of reaction in which under suitable conditions of temprature and pressure a simple alkane can give various products. As shown below. Pyro means the heat and lysis means the breaking, so it is a process of breaking the alkanes in the presence of heat.

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