is burning a chemical change ?

Yes it is a chemical change as it involves the formation of ash and releases heat. Which can not be reversed to get fuel. In a chemical change the change of properties take place . For example we can write on paper and can fold it ,but if we burn it we get ash and

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how did mendeleev arrange chemical elements ?

Mandleev arranged the elements on the basis of increasing order of the atomic masses of the elements. He divided the 63 elements which were known or discovered at that time. There were 8 groups and 6 periods in his Periodic Table. Most importantly he made cards of every element , and wrote the reactions of

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Is it compulsory to read periodic classification of elements before chemical bonding or Can I start chemical bonding before periodic classification?

Actually chemical bonding is based on the Atomic number and electronic configuration. And the main thing is valency which is based on the number of outer(valence) electrons. Valency decides that how many bonds can be made by an atom . Thus if you ignore periodic table, you have to learn atomic number and electronic configuration

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The electrons that gain enthalpy for metals is positive and negative for non metals. Also, if metals are bigger in size than non metals then, how can electrons gain enthalpy is inversely proportional to the atomic size?

The answer is simple, like you are hungry you can pay more to get the food than that of the person who is less hungry, Similarily here the non metals want electrons thus they spend the energy more , or they release the energy. By this they lose the energy. So smaller is the size

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Is rusting a chemical change ?

Chemical change is a change in which a new substance is formed which is have totally new properties . And during rusting of iron, the iron oxide is formed that will not show the shine of metal, will not be a good conductor of electricity etc. thus rusting is a chemical change.

how do enzymes catalyze chemical reactions ?

The enzymes increase the surface area and makes it available for reactants to come closer and react. Thus this makes it easy for the reactants to react faster and thus the rate of chemical reaction increses.

how is the chemical symbol of an element determined ?

To determine the chemical symbol of an element we follow 2 main rules given below :- 1. The symbol of every element is expressed with capital letter. 2. If symbol includes more than one alphabet , then the first alphabet will be in capital case and second will be in lower case.

what happens to atoms in a chemical reaction ?

During a chemical change or chemical reaction , the new substances are formed with different properties. But, The atoms remain unchanged during a chemical reaction. Only their rearrangement takes place. As shown below :- 3Fe(s)  + 4 H2O(l) ——–> Fe3O4 (s) + 4 H2(g)

is burning wood a chemical change ?

Yes burning of wood is a chemical change as it leads to the formation of a new substance ash, which is chemically different from the wood. The chemical properties of ash are totally different from that of the wood.

what is a balanced chemical equation ?

A balanced chemical equation is the equation that is having equal number of atoms on both of the sides, that is on reactants side (Left Hand Side) and products side (Right Hand Side). Here in the following reaction we can see clearly 3Fe(s)  + 4 H2O(l) ——–> Fe3O4 (s) + 4 H2(g) For further clarification just click on

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Is melting of ice a chemical change ?

No , melting of ice will not be a chemical change as it simply involves the change in the state of water. But during this change the colour, odour, taste , chemical or molecular formula will remain the same . And these all are the indications of physical change only.

what is a chemical indicator ? And give its types.

Chemical indicators are the substances that give us the information about acids and bases by changing their own colour or smell. types of indicators :- Natural indicators :- These are the indicators that we get from the nature and are used as it is. For example :- Litmus and turmeric . Synthetic indicators :- These

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why do most atoms form chemical bonds ?

Kossel and Lewis in 1916 Developed the theory for the bond formation after watching the behavior of noble gases. The noble gases were inert in behavior and do not react with any substance. Kossel and Lewis found that the Octateof noble gases was complete so they do not react. They gave the theory that the

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How is energy involved in chemical and physical changes ?

Physical and chemical changes are associated with energy changes. For this we have to understand the type of changes. 1. Exothermic :- These are the changes that release energy when they occur . 2. Endothermic :- The changes that occur by absorbing the energy are the endothermic . In case of chemical change the reaction

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what does the arrow in a chemical equation mean ?

The arrow in between the chemical equation is an important part of the equation. It depicts that the reactants are converted into products. Or in simple language we can say it shows the conversion of reactants into products. On its left hand side are the reacting species and on its right hand side are the

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how can we or one increase the rate of a chemical reaction ?

We can increase the rate of chemical reaction by 1. Increasing the temperature of reaction mixture . 2. If there is a reduction in volume then we can increase the rate of reaction by applying pressure . 3. We can increase the risk of rejection by adding suitable catalyst .

is digesting food a chemical change ?

Digestion is a process in which complex food molecules are broken down into simple molecules that can be taken up by the body. During digestion Sugar is converted into glucose , Oils and Fat is converted into fatty acids , Proteins are converted into amino acids . Sugar substances formed from the complex molecules are

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Is sublimation a chemical change or a physical change ?

In a physical change the nature of substance remains same . The properties remains same. But in case of chemical change the new kind of substance is formed, with different nature. “Sublimation is a process in which a substance changes its state from solid into vapour directly”. So the point to note here is that

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Which subatomic particles are involved in chemical bonding ?

The electrons participate in chemical bonding. basically every bond formation is due to the reason that every element tends to complete its octet (outer shell). “atoms can combine either by transfer of valance electrons from one atom to another or by sharing of valence electrons in Order to have a complete octet or the configuration

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what happens to matter during a chemical reaction ?

During a chemical reaction new substances are formed with different properties. The total mass and number of atoms remain same , only the rearrangement of atoms take place. Lets take an example of formation of water from hydrogen and oxygen. The point is , that the hydrogen is an explosive gas and oxygen is essential

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