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Its never too late

We can if we wish, Returning is never so tough, It’s not mandatory, But it’s a choice, You can say openly, Who suppress your voice, And decision you make, Are not of iron, or steel, You can break them whenever you feel, And life is not a movie, Where you can rewind the reel, The […] Its never too late

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Oxygen is a gas while sulphur is a solid ?

The catenation power of sulphur is higher than oxygen, due to this it exists as S8 molecule. and this molecule have strong intermolecular attractions. but on the other hand oxygen exists as O2 molecule, and this molecule being smaller in size has very less intermolecular attractions. and thus oxygen exists as gas and sulphur as a solid. contribute here to […]

Poetry 2


The tree on the road, Was green before the autumn 🍂. And leaves were bright green, It slowly changed to rusty, And from rusty to the yellow. The veins carried […]

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What is Hardy-Schulze rule ?

Hardy-Schulze rule It has two postulates (i) The ions which carry charge opposite to the particles of sol are more effective in causing the coagulation of the solution. (ii) Coagulating power of an electrolyte is directly proportional to the fourth power of the valency of the ions causing coagulation.

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What are Multimolecular and Macromolecular colloids?

Multimolecular colloids are formed when the molecules of dispersed phase aggregate to make a molecule which is having the size between 1nm to 1000nm. The point to note here is , the particles of colloidal solution were of molecular size which joined to make Multimolecular system. Macromolecular colloids are the substances in which the size of particles is 1nm to […]