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What is the order of reactivity of halogen and alkyl groups in the dehydrohalogenation of alkyl halides to give alkenes ?

The reactivity of halogens :- The above order in case of halogens is due to the fact that the size of fluorine is small which makes a strong bond with carbon of alkyl group, thus makes it difficult to break. But on the other hand in case of Iodine the bond between Iodine and Carbon

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What are the methods of preparation of Haloalkanes and haloarenes ?

Why Alkynes are less reactive than alkenes and alkanes towards electrophilic addition reaction ?

There are two reasons for less reactivity of Alkynes towards electrophillic addition reactions:- Due to greater electronegativity of sp-hybridized carbon atoms of a triple bond than sp2 -hybridized carbon atoms of a double bond, pie-electrons of alkynes are more tightly held by the carbon atoms than pie electrons of alkenes and hence are less easily

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