Out of alkenes (ethylene) and alkynes (acetylene) which is more acidic and why ?

The alkynes are more acidic in nature as compared to the alkenes . This is due to the fact that the alkynes give hydrogen on reacting with sodium metal, but Alkenes don’t give hydrogen. The alkynes release hydrogen and forms a sodium salt which clearly shows it’s acidic nature.

what is the difference between mechanical and chemical digestion ?

Mechanical digestion :- In this type of digestion the food is broken down into simple particles in mechanical way , like chewing in mouth by teeth and churning of food in stomach by the muscular movements of the smooth muscles of stomach walls. Chemical digestion :- In this type of digestion the complex molecules ofContinue reading “what is the difference between mechanical and chemical digestion ?”

what does the arrow in a chemical equation mean ?

The arrow in between the chemical equation is an important part of the equation. It depicts that the reactants are converted into products. Or in simple language we can say it shows the conversion of reactants into products. On its left hand side are the reacting species and on its right hand side are theContinue reading “what does the arrow in a chemical equation mean ?”

The SN2 mechanism

This is a type of reaction mechanism that is seen in case of nucleophillic substitution reactions. It is BIMOLECULAR NUCLEOPHILLIC SUBSTITUTION mechanism. In this kind of mechanism two molecules decide the rate of reaction, so it is BIMOLECULAR mechanism. The whole mechanism proceeds through a single step. That concerted step involves the bond breaking andContinue reading “The SN2 mechanism”

Why sigma bond is stronger than pi bond?

Actually the sigma bond involves head to head overlapping of orbitals, due to which the overlapping takes place on a larger extent. That makes the bond more stronger as compared to pie bond. In pie bond there is a sidewise overlapping of orbitals which leads to lesser extent of overlapping and thus the bond formedContinue reading “Why sigma bond is stronger than pi bond?”

What are the chemical properties of Carboxylic Acids ?

Why isn’t water inflammable? It is made of flammable chemicals which are hydrogen and oxygen.

This is a best example to share when we talk about chemical change, that the products have totally different properties from that of the reactants , from which they are made. Now coming to the answer, Formation of water is a highly exothermic type of reaction and a lot of energy is lost at theContinue reading “Why isn’t water inflammable? It is made of flammable chemicals which are hydrogen and oxygen.”

Basics of chemical reactions and chemical equations.

Chemical Change The change which give rise to new substances with new properties that are totally different from the starting matter. 2H2 + O2     ———> 2H2O Chemical changes are normally accompanied by the following changes:- 1. change in state 2. Change in colour 3. Change in temprature 4. Evolution of gas Chemical reaction RepresentationContinue reading “Basics of chemical reactions and chemical equations.”

How to balance the chemical equation?

The need of balancing the chemical equation. The law of conservation of mass , “ Mass can neither be created nor be destroyed during any chemical change”. So the number of atoms on both RHS and LHS must be equal in the chemical equation. We have to check the total number of atoms on RHSContinue reading “How to balance the chemical equation?”