A story of grief

a friend of mine, went on journey divine. gave no time, to say hi or good bye, hard on heart, to let him depart, yes he is apart, but struck like dart. we all can just say, for you we will pray. the cups we shared, the tips we paid. the moments we shared, allContinue reading “A story of grief”

Its never too late

We can if we wish, Returning is never so tough, It’s not mandatory, But it’s a choice, You can say openly, Who suppress your voice, And decision you make, Are not of iron, or steel, You can break them whenever you feel, And life is not a movie, Where you can rewind the reel, TheContinue reading “Its never too late”

Strange city

One night I was lost,In the city, not bad.I looked up on strange people,They seem to be glad. I was alone,But not sad.Stars were my friends,With Moon, on chat. Moving on my way,There was nothing to say.Cool breeze was blowing,Taking my soul away. I wish to stay in city,But no place was for me.In aContinue reading “Strange city”