what does the arrow in a chemical equation mean ?

The arrow in between the chemical equation is an important part of the equation. It depicts that the reactants are converted into products. Or in simple language we can say it shows the conversion of reactants into products. On its left hand side are the reacting species and on its right hand side are theContinue reading “what does the arrow in a chemical equation mean ?”


                              Introduction ELECTRICITY: This term came from the Greek word ELEKTRON which means Amber. So the story begins from  the year 600BC, Thales Of Miletus(a Greek philosopher) observed the attraction of amber towards fiber and other small particles when rubbed vigorously. Later around 1600 AD. William Gilbert also found that other substances besides amber ,Continue reading “Electricity”

How to balance the chemical equation?

The need of balancing the chemical equation. The law of conservation of mass , “ Mass can neither be created nor be destroyed during any chemical change”. So the number of atoms on both RHS and LHS must be equal in the chemical equation. We have to check the total number of atoms on RHSContinue reading “How to balance the chemical equation?”