If I have hydrogen and oxygen so how can I get water back from both the gases?

The answer is simple just look at the combustion reaction of the hydrogen and you will get water.

What are the chemical properties of Carboxylic Acids ?

Why we add coolent in the radiator of car ?

How does a radiator of car works? We all are familiar with the coolent that is normally used in radiators but many of us will admit that they don’t know how it works. Well, being a chemistry geek here I will discuss how it works. Ethylene glycol is the liquid that is widely used inContinue reading “Why we add coolent in the radiator of car ?”

Why isn’t water inflammable? It is made of flammable chemicals which are hydrogen and oxygen.

This is a best example to share when we talk about chemical change, that the products have totally different properties from that of the reactants , from which they are made. Now coming to the answer, Formation of water is a highly exothermic type of reaction and a lot of energy is lost at theContinue reading “Why isn’t water inflammable? It is made of flammable chemicals which are hydrogen and oxygen.”

What will be the volume of water when it is heated from 0 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius?

According to CHARLES LAW “At constant pressure, The volume of a given mass of a gas increases or decreses by 1/273 of its volume at 0 ͦ  degree C for every one degree centigrade rise or fall in temperature”. Vol at 10 = vol at zero + 10 x vol at zero/273

Various separating methods

We come across the various kind of mixtures in our daily life that have different kind of components and sometimes we have to separate the components for our benefit and there comes the need of separation in our day to day life.  we do separation by using different kind of separating techniques. some techniques AreContinue reading “Various separating methods”

Why is water more acidic than alcohol?

THE ANSWER CAN BE UNDERSTOOD EASILY BY LOOKING AT THE FOLLOWING POINTS:- 1. In case of alcohol the Oxygen atom is joined to the alkyl group on one side and hydrogen atom on the other side, being electron releasing in nature the alkyl group increase the electron density on Oxygen atom , thus making itContinue reading “Why is water more acidic than alcohol?”