what is the difference between mechanical and chemical digestion ?

Mechanical digestion :- In this type of digestion the food is broken down into simple particles in mechanical way , like chewing in mouth by teeth and churning of food in stomach by the muscular movements of the smooth muscles of stomach walls. Chemical digestion :- In this type of digestion the complex molecules ofContinue reading “what is the difference between mechanical and chemical digestion ?”

The primary cells.

These are the cells in which non reversible redox reaction takes place. That is they can give electrical energy only once at the cost of reaction taking place in them , once the reaction is over , the cells get exhausted and can not be used again. And these cells can never be recharged agin.Continue reading “The primary cells.”

Semiconductor and its types.

The substances whose conductivity lies between 10-⁶ to 10⁴ ohm-¹ . The range lies between conductors and insulators. Types 1. n-type :- These type of semiconductors have excess electrons present in the lattice that are responsible for the conduction. These are formed when the group 14 elements like Silicon are doped with group 15 elementsContinue reading “Semiconductor and its types.”

Miracles are beneficial, but to whom ??

Hello guys today I am sharing a very interesting and common topic, “The miracles”. So firstly i would like to bring your attention towards what we’ve learnt from our past experiences. Most of us will admit that they have listened fairy tales, in which lot of magic and fiction was present . We are madeContinue reading “Miracles are beneficial, but to whom ??”