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Which of the following lattice has the highest packing efficiency? (i) simple cubic (ii) bodycentred (iii) hexagonal close packing.

Packing efficiency of all these kind of arrangements is given as follows. (i) Simple cubic :- Its packing efficiency is 52% . (ii) Body centred cubic :- Its packing efficiency is 68%. (iii) Hexagonal close packing:- Its packing efficiency is 74% . Conclusion :- From the above data we can conclude that hexagonal close packed

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How we can prepare Phthalic acid from ortho xylene by oxidation?

It is a two step reaction in which 1. di-alkyl benzene is oxidised 2. In step two , the acidic environment helps in providing the Hydronium ions and they easily get converted into a carboxylic acid . Phtahlic Acid is used in various kind of preparations and has a vast industrial applications. In this reaction

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