Category: Organic chemistry

Why the but-2-ene is major product of beta elimination of 2-Bromobutane ?

This is due to the following reason :- This is in accordance with sytzeff rule that whenever two alkenes are theoretically possible during a dehydrohalogenation reaction , it is always the more highly substituted alkene which predominates . It can also be best understood by the following illustrations showing the stabilizes of primary(1°) , secondary

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How the addition of hydrogen halide takes place in case of unsymmetrical alkenes ?

In case of unsymmetrical alkenes the addition of hydrogen halide takes place according to the markovnikov’s rule . During this reaction under markovnikov’s rule the positive part of the attacking reagent joins with the carbon with more number of Hydrogen and the negative part of attacking reagent joins with the more substituted carbon.

How we can prepare dibromoethane from ethene ?

We can make the dibromoethane from ethene by the addition of halogen in ethene , in the presence of carbon tetrachloride. In the presence of ether as a solvent the above reaction takes place. The dihalo products are formed in which the halogen groups are present on adjacent carbon atoms.