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We are trying our best to compile all the topics related to science up-to secondary level.

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5 Components Of Communication Process — Your Key To Success

In general, people do not consider the natural process of speaking, writing, listening, gesturing, body language, and responding that is all too well taken for granted in our daily lives and workplace. Especially in the workforce where effective communication is the heart of any organization while the personnel is the brain of the organization. If […] […] 5 Components Of Communication […]

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I’m Trying

There is so much I want to say, So many visions I want to convey, I pray that I could change lives, Inspire, Spark, Set a fire inside someone, Anyone! Look I got anxiety, fame is not my goal, Being known for spreading positivity and artistry that’s the thought I hold on to, Another thing […] I’m Trying

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A metaphor

The sun rays seeping in. Through the window blinds. Warmth touching my skin. This is but a daydream. There is no such view. I am not awaken by warmth. Just the buzz of the alarm clock. Yet, the old normal has vanished. My mundane days are over. As the world has turned cold. A dirty […] A metaphor

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The men of steel

To all the men Who work till day’s end They get up early Leave the home, never been lazy To keep the family cozy No holiday No excuse The burden of responsibilities Makes the shoulder more strong Legs are ment to move, hold and strengthen Feet are the roots That nourish the family May be the stomach Not demanding much […]