Perceiving Vs Knowing


I was just passing by a flower,

a flower, beauty’s shower.

Closer I went ,

felt its scent ,

my mind did a reaction ,

it asked for dissection,

as soon as the petals separated,

beauty of it was assassinated,

what we got was just the heaven,

what we made was a hell,

there were sepals,

there were petals,

there were stamens,

there was style,

there was androecium,

and a gynoecium ,

there was a pedicil,

or a peduncle.

But the beauty was missing,

the flower faced shrivelling.

In the process of knowing,

we lost the art of perceiving.

all our race is to know, know and know,

we forgot how to wonder and how to bow.

how to breathe in the fragrances sprout around,

how to relish the scenes spread around.

by knowing more and more,

I came to know a fact ,

that what I know is nothing,

as I go through feeling.

Perceiving is an art,

but knowing is a task,

perceiving give us joy,

knowledge give us ego,

in actual field of life ,

either thorn or knife,

who makes the different line,

that is the one , who shines.

Let the world see your move,

feel the world not only know,

have a blind faith ,

follow the heart,

leave knowledge apart.

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