[SiF6]2- exist but [CF6]2- does not, why?


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both silicon and carbon belong to group 14 and have 4 electrons in the outermost shell. Their general valency is 4 , but silicon and other elements show higher oxidation states also.

Only carbon is the element in group 14 elements that do not have vacant d-orbital.

All other elements like silicon ,germanium ,tin And lead Have empty d-orbitals in which they can accommodate electrons from Other electron rich species and can extend their oxidation states or Valencies for making the complex molecules.

Hybridisation of [SiF6]2-

Here in the above diagram we can see the two floride ions can share electrons in vacant 3d orbital . Carbon do not have any vacent d-orbital for accomodating the extra electrons that’s why it is unable to make such compund.

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