How can I calculate the number of carbon atoms in 10 gm of sugar?

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for this you have to see the molecule of sugar. and calculate number of moles.

The formula of sugar , sucrose C12H22O11 , molar mass = 342

According to above molecular formula.

Now lets calculate the number of moles in 10 grams of sugar.

Number of moles = given mass / molar mass

Number of moles = 10 /342

Number of moles = 0.02923

Now 1 molecule of sugar has = 12 carbon atoms

So 1 mole of sugar = 12 moles of carbon atoms

Number of moles of carbon = 12 x 0.02923

                                      = 0.351 moles

Now number of Carbon atoms = number of moles of carbomson X Avogadro njmber

Number of C- atoms = 0.351 x 6.022×1023

                             = 2.114 x 1023

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