Strange city

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One night I was lost,
In the city, not bad.
I looked up on strange people,
They seem to be glad.

photo curtsy by :- Instagram: @todd.diemer

I was alone,
But not sad.
Stars were my friends,
With Moon, on chat.

Moving on my way,
There was nothing to say.
Cool breeze was blowing,
Taking my soul away.

I wish to stay in city,
But no place was for me.
In a park there was a bench,
I rested there, my Wories flee.

Blanket of sky, embedded with stars,
Cool breeze made me smile.
It made me so relaxed,
I forgot everything for a while.

I was nothing,
But everything was mine.
I was talking to God,
Give blessings of thine.

So cool, so clear, the sky,
my heart desire to fly.
I wished for peace before I sleep,
Everyone to be happy no fear no cry

© copyright

Ankush Sharma

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