wisdom Vs knowledge

wisdom Vs knowledge

(try to sing along reading…..)

yes you listened right,


it is a never ending fight,

weather brain,

or mind.

to make tall sky scrappers

or just a hut

to plan every thing

or just move in the night.

be host

or be the guest

keep wandering,


or take a rest.

to look bright

or shine

look up

or down

to wear hat

or crown .

a sky so narrow

finding a cute looking sparrow.

machines around me,

finding human touch of thee.

to enjoy the frozen food,

or relish the freshness of nature.

i wish to stay,

with nature anyway.

keep ur knowledge,

i have my wisdom .

in forest of concrete,

in your scientific jungle.

my dreams got cancer,

and rhymes stammer.

my rhymes stammer.

my rhymes stammer.

© copyright

Ankush Sharma

Published by ankushmaster

I am M.Sc (chemistry ) from punjabi university. I am a science teacher with expertise in chemistry, with 8 years of experiance in teaching. i am getting a handsome salary , now i wish to help out the people who need me UNCONDITIONALLY. and I am constantly working on creating a new and easy way of learning the tough things in an effective way. I am constantly working to make authentic and reliable information to be shared with my students and widen the horizons of knowledge.

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