Finally i got it


A bike i wished to have,

Son of a store owner later bought that,

I went somewhere else to study,

My classfellow in front of me bought that,

Later in my job , a colleague’s bro gifted him the same bike i wisheshed…

The whole piece ort is based on real story of my life. Honda Stunner, was the bike i wished to have, first time i saw it in bus stand , I was doing my graduation at that time. I said that i’ll buy it whenever i had enough money. After nearly 1 month a friend of mine whose father is a grossery store owner bought that same bike. After that i went to another city for study. One day my class fellow asked about my fav bike i said Honda Stunner , after one week he was riding the same . I said wow . After completing the study i joined a job . One of my colleague’s brother came from Australia and gifted him the same bike.

And this was the third time when i saw the same bike around me.

Then i took a step and bought it on 2nd April 2012.

My fantasy

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