An Unknown Statement


Leave me,

I do not mean at all.


I wish you look at the expressions

Requesting not to leave.

Try to listen the noise,

Which screams louder

Louder than the silence.

Try to look behind

Behind every smile

Drop by drop my heart is Sinking.

Feel the heaviness

Heaviness of my breath

As I , ‘m forced to breathe.

You may think ‘m enough happy

The cost I paid is always hidden.

Its the delicate heart, not a safe.

A lot to say

But have to listen

Get punished need not to be forgiven.


How cruel is life

Its easy to die

But hard is to thrive.

The joy is temporary

Sufferings are constant

Somehow ‘m still thankful

For your consents.

Path is full of thorns

powerless are those who mourn

the stronger ones capture throne.

The honest ones are alone

The innocents are gone

the virtues don’t exists any more.

the oceans are dead

and waves never come to the shores.

© Ankush Sharma 2020

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