I am a fan….


Of what I see ???

May be yes

What I see.

I am a fan of

Nature at its best

When on a full moon night

All spirits rest.

I am a fan of

Music , music at its peak

When a low lightning street

Create an atmos full of freak

I am a fan of people

Doesn’t matter black,white or brown

Just love all whosoever in the town

I am a fan of dance and dancers

Who make every move , every mood

Forgetting who they are, from where they are

I am a fan of cars

Old , new ,modern or classics

Racing , adventure or the cults.

I am a fan of life

Emotions , tragedy ,

Sorrows , happiness,

Welcomes and goodbyes….

© Ankush Sharma

Aug 2020

5 comments on “I am a fan….”

  1. Ankusk, a spectacular poem! I like how the poem first describes the beauties of nature, then mankind and the things created by man, and lastly, it deals with the joys and sorrows of life. We are fans sorrows? Yes, because experiencing both joys and sorrows are both parts of the human experience and make us who we are. Take care, Cheryl


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