The ordinary one


I may not stay here forever

will just pass like the winds

Will leave only my sweet realisation

But there will not be a mark

I will move like the sand

Rivers are free to take me anywhere

Will not be like the scientific theories

Which change according to time

My thoughts will be mine only

Eight plus one will be nine only


I may not do a lot for you

For me , you just smile only

I will not write anything great

And will not be able to create

But will enjoy every moment

Will love every song

On which you may dance

And I could just mutter

I wish not to be immortal

To stay here in this world

My wishes are higher

Wish not to collect

And create a large heap of things

Will love to spend a lot

And finally I am a common man

Who values nothing but matters a lot……

© Ankush Sharma

Aug 2020

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