Why we have a black and white view at night or low light conditions ?

In our eyes there are two kinds of special cells that help us to see.

The rod cells enables us to see in dark and cone cells enable us to see in the ambient light .

Rod cells create black and white images on retina.

Cone cells create colored images.

1. Cone cells :- These cells help to create vision in the ambient light conditions. They require more light or normal light to work. But they don’t work in the low light.

2. Rod cells :- These cells are responsible for creation of image on the retina in low light conditions. They make only the black and white image that is why we see the things in black and white color in the low light conditions.

One more interesting fact is that the rod cells are present on the the corner of eye and during night vision you might have noticed the things which are present it at the corner of our view are clearer.

Published by Ankush Sharma

I am M.Sc (chemistry ) from Punjabi University Patiala. I am a science teacher with expertise in chemistry, with 8 years of experience in teaching. Writing and blogging is my hobby, I write whenever I am free. I am constantly working on creating a new and easy way of learning the tough things in an effective way. I am constantly working to make authentic and reliable information to be shared with my students and widen the horizons of knowledge.

2 thoughts on “Why we have a black and white view at night or low light conditions ?

  1. Interesting. You are teaching me further than school ever taught me, thanks!

    Much love and abundance, take care💕🤗


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