Lets find it out ,Why we earn ?


Today I wished to share my thoughts that were struggling to come out of my mind.

The first thought is ,” Why we earn ? “

Most of us love to have a luxurious life , an expensive car , house in the most expensive area and holiday tours .

But if we think do these things really give us happiness?

The answer is no.

We can be happy by living in simple way , having a less expensive car and having holidays.

In a desire to get a luxurious life and expensive things we start working more, and start neglecting the quality of life. Which leads to early aging and many health issues. Even we work day and night and most of us forget about the time to be spent with family.

We forget that it is the family for which we are working day and night and even we forget to give them time and attention which they deserve.

This is also a reason that most of the marriages are not successful now a days. Every partner seeks attention.

We must try to focus on the needs first and luxuries after that. We can have a happy life even in less money. Money doesn’t affect our happiness, all we need is to manage it.

Remember Audi and Ford

Will help to travel,

Casio and Rado

Will keep the time well,

Running behind money

Will make life hell.

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