Types of solids

 Molecular solidsCovalent solidsMetallic solidsIonic solids
1These are made up of molecules.These are formed by the network formed by the atoms.These solids are formed in metals only by the special bonding.These are formed by the electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged ions.
2The molecules are held by the weak van der waal’s forces.The atoms are held by the networking covalent bonds.The atoms are held by strong metallic bonds by sharing of free electrons.The ions are strongly held by the electrostatic forces of attraction.
3these are soft kind of solids.these are hard.These are hard , ductile and malleable.These are hard and brittle.
4These are insulators, that is bad conductors of electricity.These are also insulators , except graphite.These are very good conductors.These are insulators in dry state , but are conductor in molten and aqueous solution.
5Examples are:- dry ice CO2 , I2 , camphor.Graphite , diamond and fullerenesIron , Copper , Nickel and silverNaCl, KCl and CaF2

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