Which poisonous gas was used by Adolf Hitler for killing people at mass level ?

Whenever we talk about the cruel leaders of the world, the name of Hitler strikes at the first in our mind. He was another face of hate in mid 19th century. He believed that Aryans are born to rule the while earth. This sense of superiority lead him to be the reason of death of nearly 6 million Jews.

(Image source – internet)

In his regime he wished to make Germany the super power, and in every field like science, transport, sports and war he took the country to new heights. But at the same time he became a biggest threat to the mankind.

His hate towards Jews was so high that he did not wish to waste bullets or other things for killing people, so he created death chambers (large hall like rooms) for killing people by filling the death chamber with people and then filling them with poisonous gases.

The Phosgene and Mustard gas were the two gases that were used by Hitler for killing people at a large level.

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